What’s Included

The EuroVan Camper Not Only Gets You Where You Want To Go . . .
It Lets You Enjoy All The Comforts When You Get There!

Vancouver Westy Rentals provides you with almost everything you need for an
amazing adventure in one of our Camper Vans. We have set the Vans up so that all
you need to do is buy the groceries!

Here is a list of What’s Included in each EuroVan . . .

  • All dishware and eating utensils for 4
  • Thermal mugs for morning coffee, tea or hot chocolate
  • 4 wine glasses and corkscrew
  • Serving utensils, platter and serving bowls
  • All cooking utensils, knives, cutting boards and place mats
  • Pots, pans, kettle, coffee press, colander/strainer
  • A selection of spices for cooking, salt and pepper, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and sugar
  • Paper towels, food storage bags, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap
  • Dishwashing soap, dish cloths and dish towels
  • Garbage can with garbage bags, small broom, micro duster and micro cloth
  • Folding table for outdoor cooking or eating
  • Folding camp chair for everyone in your party, side table and foot stool
  • Portable water jug filled, bucket, and portable wash basin
  • 2 flashlights and  door mat
  • USB charger for phones, tablets or any device running off a USB
  • Games Pack (travel size) including cards
  • Fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, CO2 detector, engine oil, windshield cleaner fluid
  • First Aid kit
  • Full tank of  propane for the stove, fridge and furnace

Vancouver Westy Rentals, your best choice for a Unique Traveling Experience

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